Lighting Design in the Home

Lighting Design in the Home

Eleanor Bell, lighting designer and registered electrician with electrical regulatory body NICEIC, discusses electrical safety and design considerations for lighting the home.

Great design should be factored into each and every space of a new build home, and one element that shouldn’t be overlooked during the design stage is the lighting scheme. If left to be an afterthought, it can often be too late to incorporate intricate or detailed fixtures without causing disruption.

Whether the aim is to create the illusion of space or to create a focal point in the room, lighting can have a transformational effect on the interior design of the home. With the right lighting, objects come to life, textures are enhanced and the most basic of rooms can be transformed into a luxury retreat. There are a wide variety of lighting options now available, from LEDs, colour changing effects, smart solutions and more; the possibilities afforded by today’s choices are infinite.

Selecting the Style

When it comes to achieving a striking design in a new home, take the time to consider what effects will be created and how the space will work as a whole. The right lighting can make or break a room, especially in an open-plan space, so it’s important to consider not only the décor, but also what lighting style will be best suited to maximise your space and illuminate its potential.

Light Fixtures

A statement light fixture can make for a dramatic focal point in the living room, bedroom or even the entrance hallway. Ensure your lighting fixture is the talk of the town with a stunning statement piece such as a chandelier or pendant. Advance planning is essential in order to conceal unsightly cables and LED drivers, so that focus is on the feature light rather than the wiring, making the lighting an integral part of the build.

Multi-functional Spaces

For rooms such as the kitchen, which tends to be a multi-functional space, I would advise using a mixture of task, ambient and accent lighting rather than simply relying on just an overhead light. This will allow you to best create a practical and functional space, which can be adapted to match the occasion, whether it’s cooking a meal or hosting a gathering with friends.

The Right Bulb

Don’t forget the importance of light bulbs in creating the right ambience for the room. Avoid incandescent and halogen bulbs in favour of more energy-efficient options such as LEDs. They are now available in extra warm white colour temperatures, like the traditional bulbs, which create a relaxing atmosphere, whilst playing their part in helping to save the planet.

Safety First

When it comes to planning lighting in the kitchen or bathroom, ensure you take extra care. With so many risks and special considerations to think about, it’s always advisable to call in a registered electrician who will be able to ensure the installation work is carried out safely and complies with current wiring regulations.

It’s vital that homeowners choose a registered electrician to install light fittings; by hiring a professional, you can rest easy knowing the work done has been done safely and complies with all regulations, leaving you with more time to enjoy your home.

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