How to Modernise Storage in the Home

How to Modernise Storage in the Home

Updating the storage in your home can bring a refreshed and contemporary finish. From investing in built-in wardrobes to making a design statement with shelf styling, these tips from Spaceslide will have you well on your way to modernising the storage in your home

Embrace open shelving

Introduce a new focus to any room in the home by integrating open shelving. This can be used to house a whole host of items, from colourful books and striking ornaments to hanging plants and treasured photographs. Not only will it spice up a bland interior but it will inject a hint of personality to the room.

Spaceslide Signature storage kit in Cape Elm

Incorporate seamless storage

Built-in wardrobes and sliding doors work best when they are made bespoke for the room. The major advantage of fitted furniture is being able to maximise every inch of space available. In choosing floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes, homeowners can really go the distance and then cherry-pick from shelf kits, tower units, hanger bars and drawers to get storage customised to your exact needs. 

Spaceslide Premium Mini sliding doors in Blush and Cashmere

Sleek, freestanding storage

Bedrooms will often require some form of freestanding furniture, whether it’s handy bedside tables or a sleek chest of drawers. Embrace this furniture and allow it to make a design statement. Opt for practical storage a stylish touch to evoke a modernised, contemporary look. Plus, if you’ve got the opportunity to be selective with colour, choose a finish that can either complement or contrast with the themes in your room.

Spaceslide Tallboy in Chestnut and Stone Grey

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