Going Green with Living Walls

Going Green with Living Walls

Utilising the benefits of botanicals, living wall specialist ANS Global transformed a London home’s wasted wall space into a living, breathing design feature.

Located in the heart of a built-up urban area, Herondale Avenue is a five-bedroom family home with a difference; its traditional brick walls hide an indoor garden oasis. Tasked with the objective of revitalising the home’s entertainment area, ANS Global created a living wall feature that blurred the boundary between indoor and outdoor space.

Herondale Avenue

Botanical Design Feature

The focus was on bringing the garden into the home to improve the new open-plan kitchen, dining and entertainment space. ANS worked alongside the family’s architects to design, supply and install two living walls, one interior and one exterior.

Breathing new life into the home, the interior living wall rolls through the dining area, transforming a traditionally functional area into an indoor oasis. Meanwhile, the exterior living wall continues the flow of greenery into the garden, and blends to create a seamless plant tapestry. Separated by clear architectural glazing, the two living walls work together to remove the disconnect between the home interior and the thriving garden outside.

The living wall that brings the indoor and outdoor space together at Herondale Avenue

As a powerful design feature, living walls offer far more benefits than just the aesthetic, from regulating indoor temperature and balancing humidity, to improving acoustics and enhancing biodiversity. In urban areas, where green space often comes at a premium, living walls can replenish absent greenery and purify the air, while connecting occupants to the natural world.

Family Appeal

In the case of Herondale Avenue, the family wanted to make the most of the outdoors, bringing a slice of it inside to make their home feel ‘alive’. Meanwhile, the outdoor living wall provides opportunities for the right type of flora and fauna to flourish, attracting native wildlife such as insects, pollinators and birds.

“When our architect, Chris Medland of One-World Design, first suggested living walls I was completely thrilled. It was a design feature that we would never have imagined ourselves, it really helps to bring the outside in and always receives a ‘wow’ from friends that visit. Both walls only seem to improve with age and there’s always something new flourishing to surprise us. The indoor softens the harsh surfaces of our kitchen improving the room’s sound quality and the outdoor has been particularly popular with bees. We’re extremely lucky to have such a nice garden for a property in London, one of the concerns that we had about extending was the loss of outdoor space. However ANS Global’s application of two continuous living walls now makes it feel as though we have more garden then before.” – Homeowner of Herondale Avenue.

The ANS Global team worked with the family to choose the plants that would help the family achieve their aims, while also ensuring the living walls made an unforgettable design statement. Herondale Avenue now features a living, breathing, walled carpet of plants, echoing the natural world around it. The family is now never more than a few steps away from lush green space.

Living walls are helping to turn wasted space into thriving design features, benefiting properties by providing much more than just visual appeal – improving the efficiency of a home and turning an urban space into something useful and unique. With the right expertise, living walls are a simple addition to any form of interior or exterior space, offering homeowners the opportunity to create their own personal urban oasis.

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