A Swedish Escape with Buster + Punch

A Swedish Escape with Buster + Punch

Discover the stunning simplicity and luxurious details of Villa Minale, home to Buster + Punch founder Massimo Minale and his young family.

Villa Minale sits overlooking the picturesque Mälaren lake, the 3rd largest in Sweden, and the garden extends down to the lake’s edge. Situated in a suburb of Stockholm called Mälarhöjden, Massimo Minale bought the house without even stepping inside. So blown away by the stunning view across the lake, a bid was placed based on this alone.

Massimo is the founder of luxury home fashion label Buster + Punch who have stores in London and Stockholm. Massimo spends half of his time at an apartment in his native London, and half of his time at Villa Minale with his wife Jessica and their two young sons, 4-year-old Otis and baby Bruno.

1930s ‘funkis’ to modern villa

When the Swedish house was initially purchased the plan was to knock down the original building that stood. However, planning wasn’t approved due to the land being protected and so the Minale family faced the tricky task of transforming a dark and dingy 1930s ‘funkis’ house into a modern open-plan space.

“The house was inspired by warehouses of East London, in an attempt to bring some of my hometown to Stockholm. We blasted out all the internal walls and built an exposed steel RSJ structure, which can be viewed throughout the house, with rooms divided by crittall windows and industrial mesh panels, effectively the bones of a warehouse,” explains Massimo. “The exterior follows suit; we removed all the small ‘quaint’ windows and installed huge crittall windows, so you feel as though you are hovering on the lake from every room in the house. The final finish to the house is reconstituted stone from an old stone factory in East London.”

The Interior Finishes

Contrasting against the cool and industrial exterior shell, the interior finishes bring a gentle warmth and sense of calm. “We started with a reclaimed English Oak flooring to make the space feel warm and tactile,” says Massimo. “Then all of the home fixtures and lighting were made by Buster + Punch and add a layer of luxury to pretty much everything that you touch in the house: door handles, kitchen knobs, and cabinet pulls.” The interior colour scheme of warm greys and blacks is the same as used in Scandinavian barns at the turn of the century; this ties-in with the history of the area as well as creating a sense of calm simplicity.

“Living on the edge of a lake is the ‘ying’ to our London apartment’s ‘yang’, the calm after the storm so to say,” says Massimo. “It grounds our family perfectly and when you are in the ‘having a family’ stage in your life, nothing is more important.”
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