The Real Cost of your Self-Build

The Real Cost of your Self-Build

Marcus Jefford, Managing Director at Build Aviator, discusses how you can get more transparency on the costs, not just of the materials, but the labour and tools too! 

When gathering prices, you could easily spend a couple of hours researching local labourers or contractors to find the best price for a service. It’s a time consuming process; finding good quality materials, products and labour, but it is time well spent! After all this house is your dream, you want it to be built to last and built to wow! Most self-builders undertake a build alongside a full-time job, raising a family, and having a social life – I salute you all!

You may be working with a contractor or house builder who is gathering these prices for you, which is a good avenue to take to save yourself some time and hassle. In order to save some stress, it is important to make sure your contractors have your best interests at heart and are getting the best price for the build, not the costs that get them the best profits. 

There are other options that will enable you to get full transparency and control of the costs…

Getting more transparency

Estimating software enables you to put the costs together yourself in a fraction of the time, because it does all the hard work for you. You simply select the product types, and the tool options, and rates are provided, some software even provides labour rates. 

If you’re not tech savvy, don’t be put off, look for software that provides access to support, so you know that you’ve always got someone at the end of the phone to assist you. The best software is laid out in the stages that your project will be built and will have helpful guidance throughout, including illustrations and descriptive information, enabling you to easily get those costs compiled.  

Another option is to use an estimating service, so the estimate will be done for you by trained professionals utilising specialist software. When you’re looking at your options, make sure you ask about the experience of the estimators. You want to go with a company that either has employees with hands-on industry experience, i.e. ex-builders, or estimators with a wealth of quoting experience, so you can have confidence that they’ll be costing it out in the best possible way to meet your requirements.   

Here at Build Aviator, we offer a self-builder package, providing an estimating service from ex-tradespeople and builders, who will quote your job as if it were theirs and will take the time to understand your needs. The package also includes 2 hours with an estimating consultant, 12-months cloud access to our Raptor estimating software (the UK’s number 1 software), along with access to software support. So, you’ll get the training and support required to be able to alter the estimate at any point should anything change. 

Our package doesn’t just stop at estimating, we also provide a SAP assessment – a core requirement for measuring the energy performance of your property. Our SAP assessors will help you to create a specification in-line with building regulations, which we can then incorporate into your estimate. Our estimating software includes live product prices from one of our local merchant partners Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy, or JP Corry, meaning we can arrange the material purchasing and delivery for you too! 

All of our services are linked together, to make the technical processes involved in self-building as simple as possible and help mitigate any compliance issues. Through our package you’ll have a variety of reports and technical documents, to assist you in illustrating to your site inspector that the build performance meets the design.

There will always be a technical sales manager on hand to answer any questions and support you. Think of our package as your project manager or an extra pair of hands. Our aim is to give you some time back to be able to focus on dreaming up the interior of your home, or simply having more time to spend with your friends or family.