The number of self-build homes in the UK is set to increase with the launch of dedicated self-build tech platform, MyPlot.

Self-build accounts for just 7-10% of new housing in the UK; around 12,000 homes per year. In contrast, The Self Build Housing Market Report Analysis 2016-2020 revealed self-build rates in Austria, Belgium, Italy and Sweden are as high as 83 per cent.

Yet the dismal UK figures aren’t due to lack of demand – in the first seven months of the Right-to-Build register opening, 18,000 people registered themselves for the scheme, jumping to 33,000 by December 2017. Yet, despite high interest, house hunters have failed to see self-build as a viable solution, while the property industry has failed to harness its potential in any meaningful way.

The first business created solely to boost the number of self-build homes in the UK, MyPlot will support the government target of increasing the annual completions to 20,000.

As of April 2019, just 8% of homes in the UK were self-build – but MyPlot intends to change that.

The new tech platform has streamlined the self-build process, removing the complexity. Sourcing a plot – even finding your architect – is done via the single platform. Architects with expertise in self-build can submit a profile to be listed within the directory.

Paul Smith, Director of MyPlot

MyPlot Director, Paul Smith, said: “In Europe, it’s much more straightforward to source a plot of land, and the planning system is less onerous – there’s also more support for those embarking on the process, which we just don’t have here in the UK. With MyPlot, we’ve looked at the issues and offered a solution, filling the gaps and removing the complexity by providing a directory of self-build experts on the one single platform.

“As architects with experience in the self-build arena will know, for those building their own home it’s a complex process, so it’s really important to appoint the right person for the job. The suppliers’ directory on the website removes a large chunk of the uncertainty and gives home-builders confidence that their dream home is in safe hands.”

“We’re aware that there’s also a job to do in terms of normalising self-build”, he explained. “It’s something that usually conjures either images of affluent middle-aged people building swanky new bolt holes, or aspirational Grand Designs-style projects that are almost always over-budget and behind schedule. In reality, self-build is much more attainable – yet that isn’t the perception.”

With the housing crisis continuing to deepen and the number of homes listed for sale dwindling across the country, a new solution has never been more necessary.