Choosing the perfect glass door

Choosing the perfect glass door

With over 35 years’ experience in home improvements, Solarlux is the market leader in glass doors and glass element technology. The Solarlux product range – endorsed by national and international certification – demands the highest standards in terms of design, quality and energy efficiency. The company’s vision and overriding desire to create living spaces maximised by daylight has resulted in incomparable product development.  

Try before you buy
Bi-folding doors are not all the same, the quality and finish can vary enormously, there is no substitution for seeing and operating the product yourself. The mechanism and ease of use can vary drastically between brands. A bi-folding door can be superb addition to your home, adding value for many years; however some products have cheaper parts which are likely to result in a far shorter lifespan and demand more upkeep. An example to look out for is nylon runners which are far less effective, or long lasting when compared to their stainless steel counterparts.

Weather resistance
Solarlux produces secure systems which don’t rattle in the wind and which offer extensive noise reduction from both weather and traffic noise, a highly important factor for any door. Doors should offer full protection from the elements during inclement weather but to allow natural light to flood through the property on sunnier days, bringing a homely warmth to relax and unwind in.

Be security aware
Solarlux’s SL 60, SL 80/81, Ecoline and Highline bi-folding doors have been tested and classified to PAS24 (the standard defining performance requirements for improved security of doors and windows for the British market), exceeding the stringent testing parameters for burglar resistance. A selection of Solarlux doors can also be connected to security technology. 

Building Regulations
Building regulations are constantly updated, so be sure to confirm that the doors you wish to buy pass the current regulations. Also keep the certificates provided you’ll need those when you sell your home.

Thermal performance
Any additional expanse of glass can result in increased heat loss, so energy performance is an important factor to consider. Superior thermal insulation is a feature of Solarlux’s SL 97 bi-folding door, made of wood and aluminium, these feature an additional insulation layer and triple glazing, allowing them to achieve exceptionally low U-values of 0.80 W/m2K.

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Environmental credentials

With impressive technical specifications and a number of classy looks – from traditional aluminium to the new wood and wood/aluminium variants – the new Solarlux’ Combiline and Woodline bi-folding doors offer exceptional creative freedom with unprecedented environmental credentials.

The two products are FCC (Forest Stewardship Council), COC (Chain Of Custody) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified, demonstrating full commitment to sustainable forest management practices.

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