Bathed in Light

Bathed in Light

Joe Mitchell, Marketing Manager of Sensio Lighting shares the latest trends in Bathroom lighting

The bathroom industry is evolving with many new products and technologies becoming available. The majority of standard sized bathrooms designed today incorporate LED ceiling spot lights and LED lit mirrors. These products carry great aesthetic quality and are an easy solution to lighting the room.  At Sensio we offer a broad mix of expertly designed bathroom mirrors and cabinets sizes that can offer features such as low wattage or battery powered lighting. Each mirror provides excellent illumination around the basin and helps to create a real focal point in any bathroom.  The technology within these products doesn’t stop at LED lighting, many have integrated demister pads, sensor activation and even concealed shaver sockets or blue tooth speakers too. These new features have moved bathroom lighting forward massively from five years ago and meet the changing customer demands that the market has been experiencing recently.  

“There’s so much choice today. Enjoy researching the market and get creative.”

Beyond ceiling lighting and illuminated mirrors, there’s a choice of different LED light fittings that can help you make an ordinary bathroom, extraordinary. Ensure that the lights chosen in the design are tested and given a special safety IP (ingress Protection) rating for use in different zones within a bathroom. The best way is to check with the manufacturer, on the lights water ingress and quality. 

Wall lights offer great mood lighting and where IP44 rated, can be fitted above the basin unit, or alternatively to each side of a mirror. Ceiling spot lights can now be sourced with an IP65 rating so that they can be safely installed above a shower. Plinth lights, normally used within a kitchen are now being specified in bathroom designs. Even pendant lighting is now finding its way into the bathroom.  There is such a fantastic range of bathroom lighting available, you can create a room as sophisticated or refined as you choose.

One final fitting to consider is flexible strip lighting. Small LED lights on a self-adhesive roll that can be cut to size and fitted in recessed shelving, under or over cabinets to light the floor, ceiling or vanity work top spaces.

“Make sure you use fittings that are IP safety rated for the bathroom.”

Remember when choosing the fittings to consider the LED colour. Modern technology now allows us to change the LED colour for different purposes or at different times of the day. Even a white light is no longer one shade, it comes on a scale of blue white through to yellow white. Referred to as the Kelvin (K) scale it’s important to ensure thatall fittings are emitting the same shade of white light. You cancreate a warm glow with the traditional halogen (the scale is 2700-3200K), or use a a cooler white light of 5000-5500K, which is a stronger blue white beam.  

Before you complete your design, also consider the brightness of the lights. LED fittings are measured in Lumens, a more energy and cost-efficient alternative to other lighting solutions. As a guide on the brightness, 450 Lumens is the same as an old 40W bulb and 800 Lumens like a 60W bulb.

For further guidance on bathroom mirrors and lighting, visit Based in the UK their internal design team create lighting products specifically to suit the bathroom or kitchen.