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Published quarterly, 'Your Build Magazine' combines a consumer style with a hands on, 'how to' editorial approach. 'Your Build Magazine's' aim is to educate the self builder about the thousands of innovative products that can be involved in a complex build.

Each issue will be packed with helpful information such as how to finance the build, handy tips for self building, case studies, latest products, project houses, competitions, reduced price show tickets and much, much more.

Priced at only £20 for four issues and mailed direct to your door 'Your Build Magazine' is a must for all self builders.

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When embarking on a self-build project, most people will have a clear idea of how they want the finished interior to look - admittedly it won't always end up that way due to budget and time pressures taking their toll. It's all too often the case that compromises have to be made on the standard of fixtures and finishes - perhaps opting for a cheaper work surface in the kitchen, or a bathroom suite that sits in a slightly lower price bracket than you first envisaged - all in an attempt to claw back the overspend on budget.

What tends to remain the same, however, is the style of the finish, and in this issue we have an interesting article from Graeme Smith, designer at Alchemy Kitchens, who looks at the trend for incorporating classic kitchen designs in modern projects. As Graeme explains: "Classic design is characterised by its timeless appeal and how a style can sit effortlessly in an interior and look as relevant today as when it was originally introduced." Graeme believes that interset in classic design for the modern era is driven by "consumer desire to balance elegance with functionality to ensure that the design has longevity." You can read his advice on achieving this look and the options available on p.54.

Elsewhere in this issue, we talk alternatives to timber windows with Sarah Hitchings of Residence Collection. As Sarah explains in Question Time (p.18), there's a real demand for classic design with a modern twist on exterior finishes also: "R9 is a super-premium alternative to wood that combines traditional 19th Century design and craftsmanship with all the benefits of today's modern, cutting-edge materials."

The Autumn issue also includes a new column from Build Aviator which offers advice around various aspects of build projects (p.07); a look at all the latest products and materials which should help you on your project (p.26); and a number of updates and offers for the various self-build exhibitions taking place in the coming months!

Enjoy the issue!

Matt Downs, Editor
E: matthew.downs@markallengroup.com


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